Writing Process Blog Tour

I’m participating in the Writing Process Blog Tour. I love this — it’s fun to read about the processes of different writers. Thanks to the fun and talented Olivia Hardin for including me! You can check out her post here.

Now, on to the questions:

What am I working on?

The sequel to Dark Trade is my number one priority. I’ve also got a funky Zombie novel in the works.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Uh….that’s totally a broad question! *snickers* Dark Trade is a little different from some books in the genre because the main character, Dmitri, is not a bad boy with a heart of gold, he’s just plain bad. He’s capable of love and affection, but it’s wrapped up with the bad.

Why do I write what I write?

I write whatever pops in my head. Most of my books start as dreams. Once I have characters, they won’t shut up so I just roll with it. I’ve written a new adult paranormal romance/urban fantasy series, a young adult series, and an adult romantic suspense series. I’m moving away from paranormal and into dark contemporary…for now! :-)

How does my writing process work?

I have a general idea of the overall plot line, but I don’t outline. I just write and write. When I’m done with the first draft, I put it away for a few days. Then I re-read it and dig into the rewrites. When I’m done with that, I obsess over it until I can’t see straight, then send it to my beta readers. I incorporate their feedback into the final draft, then read the hell out of it before I send it to the editor. After two rounds of editing, it comes back to me and I obsess over it some more.

Those are my thoughts!

I couldn’t find any relevant pictures to include with this post, so here is a dinosaur holding my keys (you’re welcome):

This is a t-rex holding keys. For reals.

This is a t-rex holding keys. For reals.










Thank you for stopping by.  Don’t forget to check out wild child Dicey Grenor’s post on April 21st, and fantastic paranormal author Andrea Heltsley’s on April 24th!

Cover and Trailer Reveal for Dark Trade!

The cover and trailer are here! This adult, dark, suspenseful romance releases on 4/3/2014.


A dangerous man.

 A corrupt corporation

 A twisted love story.  

Sophia Latrude is a HR manager at an energy company on the path to recovery following a family tragedy. After the executives pull her into a strange work meeting with Russian business partners, her life changes forever.

She meets Dmitri, a rumored international arms dealer under investigation in twenty-two countries. She knows better than to get involved, but she can’t stop herself. Their tumultuous relationship takes her to dangerous places and leads her on a path that uncovers corruption with her company and in her own morality.

Loving a criminal has dark consequences.

*Dark Trade is a sexy, suspenseful, dark romance. It contains mature subject matter and is intended for adults.*

 Check out the Goodreads page and sign up on my Amazon page to get notified when Dark Trade releases!

Check out the trailer below!

Houston Authors Bash!

The Houston Authors Bash coordinated by Wines and Labels Productions was yesterday and it was epic!authorsbashcollage

My table was right next to Rachel Harris (fan-girl moment!) who is the sweetest person ever. Olivia Hardin was on my other side – she is super laid back and cool! Also near me were Rose Garcia and Dicey Grenor, both fun and fabulous ladies.


When I wasn’t chatting with my awesome table neighbors, I was enjoying the readers and bloggers that stopped by to chat, buy books and pick up swag. I had SO MUCH FUN meeting everyone!

I got a chance to walk around and meet RS McCoy, Nikki Narvez, R.L. Dover and Vicki Green and her cover model (The very sweet and handsome Rob Stanley).

Fun stuff!